Kangaroo Management in South East NSW

On Friday the 5th October Bungendore Community Landcare Group held a kangaroo management forum.

This is a forum was aimed at primary producers and landholders covering kangaroo management options and current research. The event brought together expert speakers and primary producers to develop ideas on how we can best work together to effectively manage kangaroos for conservation and primary production in a sustainable, resilient landscape. It is hoped that this day will be the start of a longer-term collaborative process between graziers, support agencies, commercial industry representatives, policy makers and regulatory bodies. Below are the presentations from the day.

Dr Steve McLeod, NSW Department of Primary Industries (Vertebrate Pest Research Unit) Population dynamics of kangaroos
Steve gives an overview of kangaroo biology and population dynamics, discusses the likely reasons kangaroos have adapted so successfully to European settlement and evaluate a range of strategies to manage overabundant kangaroos. Dr Steve McLeod is a Senior Research Scientist with the Vertebrate Pest Research Unit, NSW Department of Primary Industries. He is an ecologist and a leading expert on the management kangaroos, specifically the impacts of commercial harvesting on kangaroo populations. He has conducted numerous studies on the ecology of native and introduced animals, with a particular interest in their economic and environmental impacts. He has specific expertise modelling harvesting strategies and scenarios and his work has focused on kangaroo harvesting. Download Steve’s presentation here. 

Dr Melissa Snape, ACT Conservation and Research  (Senior Fauna Ecologist)
Melissa began her macropod career with a PhD in kangaroo reproductive biology, assessing the effectiveness of the contraceptive vaccine for which ACT Gov is continuing R&D. Since then, she has worked primarily on kangaroo grazing impacts on biodiversity, and on assessing the functional relationships between kangaroos and pasture. Download Melissa’s presentation here.

Stephen Wolter, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (Senior Team Leader – Kangaroo Management Program)
An overview of the Commercial Kangaroo Harvest Management Program in NSW. Download Stephen’s presentation here. 

Robert Oliver, Manager Wildlife Biodiversity Reforms National Parks and Wildlife Service
Landholder licences to harm Kangaroos. Download Rob’s presentation here.

Linda Van Bommel University of Tasmania & Australian National University
The role that livestock guardian dogs play in the landscape is similar to that of a livestock-friendly top predator; affecting the populations of other predators and large herbivore species such as kangaroos. Linda is an ecologist with a background in large predator ecology and has studied livestock guardian dogs for the past 9 years. Download Linda’s presentation here.

Professor Steve Garlick, economist, applied ethics and wildlife behaviorist
Download Steve’s presentation here.

Gerry Gillespie, composting as an alternative use for non commercial culls
Gerry has been involved in the recovery of organic materials and their composting and reuse in soils for 30 years both in Australia and overseas. This low-mechanical, covered, inoculated compost process and its odour control is the subject of his presentation. Download Gerry’s presentation here. Download Gerry’s presentation here. 

Dr Trudy Sharp, NSW Department of Primary Industries (Vertebrate Pest Research Unit) Humaneness of kangaroo management methods
Assessments of the animal welfare impacts of a range of methods (e.g. fertility control, exclusion fencing, capture and translocation, non-commercial shooting, commercial harvesting) using the framework developed by Sharp and Saunders (2011) presented. Trudy is a Research Officer with the NSW Department of Primary Industries’ Vertebrate Pest Research Unit. She is a leading expert on wild animal welfare and over the past 15 years has developed a range of methods and strategies to improve the humaneness and effectiveness of wildlife management in Australia. Download Trudy’s presentation here. 

Dennis King, Kangaroo Industry Association Australia
Download Dennis’ presentation here.

Dr George Wilson, Honorary Professor ANU College of Science
George Wilson began his interest in kangaroo management in 1970 with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. Today as an ANU Honorary Professor, he has a continuing interest in population ecology, threatened species management, wildlife industries, tourism and support for Indigenous communities. He has also worked for the Federal Government in public policy, strategic analysis and scientific research publishing more than 150 articles, book chapters and three books. His veterinary qualifications are from Univ of Sydney and PhD from Univ of Aberdeen. He is a commercial pilot and aircraft owner with over 4000 hours conducting extensive aerial surveys of wildlife. Download George’s presentation here.