Upper Deua Catchment, Creek Management Plan

Peter Andrews 3


Upper Shoalhaven Landcare Council (USLC) is managing a project on behalf of the Upper Deua Catchment Landcare Group (UDCLG) to develop a 5-10 year plan for the management of the Araluen Creek. The Plan aims to ensure its sustainability, particularly given possible future weather events.

There have been several studies of the Valley and much work done by the UDCLG in the placement of sills and stabilizing of banks, attention to weed infestation in the creek bed, and outcomes from bank stabilisation and water table management.  This plan is incorporating primary sources of information and other pertinent ecosystem data that could inform the plan.  Additionally institutional plans such as the Palerang Council LEP and NSW Department of Water, Water Sharing Plan for the Deua River Unregulated and Alluvial Water Sources are being considered.

Project highlights have included:

  • Partnerships with riparian landholders,
  • Several site visits and replacement of signposts labelling past work.
  • New site surveys to enable comparison of previous and current levels and the success of past work.
  • South East Local Land Services have completed a report using Riverstyles and other methodologies to identify rehabilitation priorities.
  • Natural Sequence Farming expert Peter Andrews led a creek walk to review past works and propose new priorities.

Work is ongoing. Please contact us on upper.shoalhaven@gmail.com for further information or copies of reports.


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