Here are some of our current projects

Educational Workshops

Upper Shoalhaven Landcare runs regular workshops and field days on all things Landcare


Braidwood Community Garden 


25th Anniversary Landcare Project to Grow the Garlic Growers

Braidwood is the potential garlic capital of Australia. The soils, seasons and water availability all lend themselves to excellent cold climate annual crops. We also have a highly altered natural environment from intensive farming and mining through the 1800s and early 1900s. Little native vegetation remains and waterways are stressed. Most farming now is broad acre. This project will demonstrate the potential for garlic to enhance economic resilience, agricultural profitability and sustainability around Braidwood. It will establish field trials of different varieties and growing regimes, generate knowledge about disease-free seed sources, balance profitability with the protection of natural heritage, and communicate results effectively.

Project Outcomes

  • Increase the number of farmers adopting sustainable agricultural practices. One acre of non-productive land in at least 5 different sites will convert to productive garlic plots. Soil structure, water holding capacity and carbon will improve. Diseases threats will be minimised.
  • Maintain and improve ecosystem services. All demonstration sites will include biodiversity plantings for structural and genetic diversity, comprising native understory, shrubs and trees. Weeds of national significance will be removed or managed in all sites in line with guidelines.
  • Increase community engagement and participation in sustainable and productive land management. We will communicate results to current and potential growers and local and broader markets. Websites, field days, news articles, radio shows and more will be used to promote the combined biodiversity and agricultural benefits.
  • Reduce natural habitat loss and degradation. Our sites include degraded areas and some with no native vegetation. Endemic plants will defragment the structure and species richness supporting species such as the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater.

More information can be found here 




Upper Deua Catchment Landcare Group Araluen Creek Plan

The Upper Shoalhaven Landcare Council is assisting Upper Deua Catchment Landcare Council by managing a project to develop a 5-10 year plan for the management of Araluen Creek. The plan builds on highly successful previous work and will ensure the creek’s sustainability, particularly given possible future weather events.

The plan is being developed with input from various experts to coordinate the many factors to be considered in planning for the future of the waterway. It will define future work in a coordinated way to attract grants and enable funding bodies to be confident of the capacity of the group, and the high quality of the work being undertaken.

The plan will being integrated to take into account water management, native vegetation, biodiversity, weeds, tree planting, pest animals and bushfire risk management, in partnership with relevant land holders.

This project was influential in assisting Upper Deua Catchment Landcare Council to receive a $103,000 grant from an Environmental Services Order imposed on Big Island Mining as a result of licence breaches from Dargues Reef Mine. This grant will be used to continue rehabilitating the 21 sites worked on from 1998 to 2004, clearing the creek from encroaching casuarinas, removing privet and tree of heaven infestations, and excluding stock to optimise creek stabilisation strategies.

during initial survey in 2014



Whine about Swine

A lot of Landcarers are telling us that feral pigs are serious trouble and are getting worse around here. Follow this link to send us your sightings, experiences and ideas about what we can do to tackle this problem.


Braidwood Urban Landcare Group Community Garden

Upper Shoalhaven Landcare Council is supporting Braidwood Urban Landcare Group with a small grant to assist in designing, constructing and installing signs for the Braidwood Community Gardens. The project also includes an ‘Active Open Day” to encourage ‘hands on’ environmental activism in the form of communal food growing and tree planting.


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