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The Upper Shoalhaven & Upper Deua Landcare Council has recently signed the funding deed for a Community Action Grant called       “Trees on Farms - Bringing Back Rural Biodiversity”.
The grant is delivered through the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country program.

Project Value $16,505 Ex GST

Project Description:

This project seeks to support farmers in the Upper Shoalhaven to develop sustainable farms by creating multipurpose conservation zones on
 their properties. ‘Trees on Farms’ aims to promote and assist with the fencing off of existing remnant vegetation, riparian zones & new
strategically located windbreaks which will act as a protection to stock from the elements, habitat for local native species, improvers of
 water quality and erosion control mechanisms and be a vital part of whole of farm ecosystem planning.

Project Activities:

1. Information dissemination concerning the value of trees on      

farms to sustainable farming and conservation

2. Advertising the project and seeking expressions of interest

3. Assessing proposals

based upon:
The conservation value of the existing vegetation
The commitment of the landholder to making in-kind contributions
 such as labour for watering and planting and monitoring

The need for establishing new seed sources in the proposed area

The need for habitat for local native flora and fauna

The current sustainable land-use practices of applicants

4. Preparing the areas to be fenced, vegetated and managed for 


5. Fencing and revegetating selected sites

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