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Weeds of National Significance (WoNS)

The Australian government currently has a list of 21 weed species that it classes as Weeds Of National Significance (WoNS). The weeds on the

list are recognised as requiring a nationally strategic approach to their control. The for main criteria used to rank these weeds were:

     the invasiveness of a weed species
     a weed's impacts
     the potential for spread of a weed
     socio-economic and environmental values
Because WoNS are regarded as the worst weeds in Australia - they are often a trigger point for acquiring funding  - particularly from federal
sources. A good example of this is the Landcare focussed ‘Community Action Grants’.
WoNS on the Upper Shoalhaven & Upper Deua region are:
  • Chillean Needle Grass
  • Serrated Tussock
  • Blackberry
  • Willows - except Weeping Willow, Pussy Willow and Sterile Pussy Willow
  • Gorse
Potential WoNS in the Upper Shoalhaven and Upper Deua:
  • Alligator weed
  • Bridal Creeper
  • Cabomba
  • Lantana (Upper Deua)
  • Salvinia
For more detailed information on Weeds of National Significance go to the WoNS website
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